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Hydro-geochemistry of Hill Springs: A Case Study буддийский сувенир springs of the source xl
The book is a step forward in the direction of hydro-geochemical analysis of selected hill springs. Further, the main focus of the study is the potability of the spring water. In many areas, springs water quality limits to supply of potable fresh water. Hence, to utilize and predict the change in spring water environments, it is necessary to understand the hydro-geochemistry. In this book, Hydro-geochemical characteristics of springs of state Uttarakhand, India have been investigated to identify the major ions that regulate hydro-geochemistry of springs.
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Payments for Ecosystem Services for Managing Spring Water Resources буддийский сувенир springs of the source xl
Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) is an economic conservation tool which has recently gained much attention. It is believed to show a lot of promise in managing natural resources by incentivizing stakeholders to mutually agree on behavioral change which is more sustainable. The environmental impacts of these behavioural changes are quantified and the changes in behaviour rewarded. The state of Uttarakhand, India, forms a part of the Southern Himalayan slope bordering Nepal on the East and China (Tibet) on the North. The state is adversely impacted by changing climate patterns, fluctuations in rainfall and an overall warming trend in the region. At times, natural springs are the only source of drinking water for villages. This book addresses the problem of these springs drying up and it analyses whether payments for ecosystem services can prove to be a viable solution to not only revive the springs but also to manage them sustainably in the future.
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Zionist churches: Springs of Wellness for  Zimbabwean Migrants буддийский сувенир springs of the source xl
When migrants move, they move with their religious beliefs and practices. What happens to those religious beliefs and practices in the country of migration? Is there change or continuity in religious affiliation? While much of the literature on Zimbabweans is largely focused on their reasons for migration, the policies, laws and difficulties they encounter in South Africa; this study examines how Zimbabwean migrants use religion in the host country. This study investigates if and how migration affects Zimbabwean migrants? religious beliefs and practices. This study explores also how Zionist churches respond to the existential needs of migrants and their worldviews; specifically looking at the responses offered to metaphysical challenges like umnyama (misfortune) of Zimbabwean migrants in Johannesburg.
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A Comparative study of orthodontic coil springs буддийский сувенир springs of the source xl
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of wire diameter, lumen size, and length of coil spring on the load produced as a function of displacement of SS and NITI coil springs. This study was based on 60 samples of open and closed coil springs. Open coil springs were tested in compression and closed coil spring in tension. The load values produced by coil spring as function of displacement were measured twice both during activation (loading) and deactivation (unloading). It was seen that effect of lumen size has less effect than the diameter of the wire on load produced and maximum load attained of open and closed coil spring. The length of the spring had the least effect.
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Drawn from the Source – The Travel Sketches of Louis I Kahn буддийский сувенир springs of the source xl
Drawn from the Source – The Travel Sketches of Louis I Kahn
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