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CRIMINAL DAMAGE Футболка футболка мужская criminal damage 658911 04 25
джерси, одноцветное изделие, эффект поношенности, круглый вырез горловины, короткие рукава, логотип, без карманов
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Толстовка Criminal Damage, цвет серый футболка мужская criminal damage 658911 04 25
Материал: трикотаж Силуэт: полуприлегающий Детали: длинный рукав; капюшон на завязках; застежка на молнию; карманы по бокам Декор: узор "косы" Стиль: повседневный
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Considering Environmental War Crime футболка мужская criminal damage 658911 04 25
The contemporary jus in bello and jus ad bellum criminal liability for enviromental damage has been considered in this paper. Using the methodology of criminal law, it included factual, ethical and legal aspects of environmental protection in warfare. The interactions of relevant bodies of international law, including law of armed conflict, humanitarian law, criminal law, environmental law and human rights law were investigated. The results of research include findings about premises and conditions which constitute the international environmental criminal liability, its credentials and shortcomings, namely its dubious ethical legitimacy, narrow scope of application, and the vagueness, subjectivity and non-legal criteria dependance of its legal provisions.
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Russian Criminal Tattoo: Encyclopaedia Postcards (набор из 53 карточек) футболка мужская criminal damage 658911 04 25
This beautifully produced boxed set of 53 postcards contains stunning images from the bestselling Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia series of books. These hugely popular and influential books document the Russian criminal tattoo, revealing its hidden meanings. The motifs depicted represent the uncensored lives of the criminal classes, whose tattoos were a secret tribal language, a method of showing status within the prison system. By turn they are extraordinary, artful, explicit and sometimes just strange, reflecting as they do the lives and traditions of this previously hidden world. The box features 25 original sheet drawings by Danzig Baldaev and 25 photographs by Sergei Vasiliev. Each has a detailed description of the meaning of each tattoo on the reverse. Also included is a postcard of each of the three book covers. The drawings printed on the postcards are facsimiles of Baldaev's original sheets, reproduced directly from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Archive. Previously unpublished in this form.
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Футболка с полной запечаткой (женская) Printio Criminal police футболка мужская criminal damage 658911 04 25
Футболка с полной запечаткой (женская) — пол: Жен.
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