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Jtron 1 Series Iron Phosphate Lithium Battery Protection Board - Blue 12v 4s lithium iron phosphate protection board 3s polymer lithium battery protection board 90a current protection board
The protection board uses lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery protection IC; 1. High-accuracy voltage detection circuit; 2. The terminal is connected charger with high withstand voltage devices; 3. Built-in three-stage overcurrent detection circuit (overcurrent 1 overcurrent 2 load short circuit); 4. Through the MOS transistor can control the battery charging and discharging; 5. Low standby current consumption. Welding Point: B + pick battery cathode; B-connected to the battery negative; P + connection charge / discharge upright pole (charging terminal / discharge side shared) P-connection charge / discharge end of the negative (charging terminal / discharge side shared) Note: 1. Note that the input and output voltage and load current conditions the protection board power consumption does not exceed the allowable Power dissipation electrical parameters; 2. Pay particular attention to the load current cannot work long hours between maximum continuous operating current and over-current protection current; 3. The situation is not likely to occur when you connect the battery discharge. In this case connect the charger can be restored to normal operation; 4. The built-in electrostatic protection board protection circuit but please do not hand protection when working in electrical panels to touch the plate so as to avoid damage from static electricity protection board.
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