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Jtron 2-Way Multifunction Relay Module / Time Relay - Red fused 4 dpdt 5a power relay interface module g2r 2 12v dc relay
Features: 1. With 2-channel input and output control each channel can be set separately 18 kinds of features to meet the needs of more applications; 2. With a power anti-reverse function not because of a wrong power supply is damaged module; 3. The use of top-quality high-voltage power supply modules the system is more stable and reliable; 4. Can be set to a minimum of 0.1 seconds timing timing accuracy better than 0.01 seconds; 5. Increase in automatic power saving feature users can set their own; 6. All settings option to automatically save the contents of non-volatile setting. 7.4 digital tube size is 0.9 inch digital display color is red. Module Interface Module voltage / signal input: 3-wire interface all interfaces are terminal user-friendly 1 DC +: DC power positive 2 DC-: negative DC power supply 3 CH1: Input Signal Detection Interface 1 4 CH2: Input Signal Detection Interface 2 Load relay outputs: 3-wire interface all interfaces are terminals 1 NO1: After the first relay normally open interfaces relay before floating shorted pull with COM1 2 COM1: first relay Common Interface 3 NC1: The first relay normally closed port COM1 relay shorted before and after the pull-vacant 4 NO2: After the second relay normally open interfaces relay before floating shorted pull and COM2 5 COM2: second relay Common Interface 6 NC2: second normally closed relay interface relay short front and COM2 pull vacant post
915.78 RUR