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GAMO Copper + Plastic Gun Cleaning Brushes Set - Black + Yellow gamo 3 7х20
Brand GAMO Model No Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + yellow Material Quality copper + plastic Suitable Gun Type Suitable for 4.5~5.5mm bore Specification Clean the dirt from the gun keep the accuracy Packing List 1 x Handle 3 x Links 2 x Copper head brushes 2 x Cotton head brushes
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Slavery in Gamo Highlands, Ethiopia gamo 3 7х20
This book is about historical and contemporary practices of slavery in Gamo highlands of southern Ethiopia.Gamo is an area in Ethiopia where slavery is not history but part of people’s life until today despite the official eradication by Emperor Haile Selassie in 1942. This book describes local explanations for exclusion of “slaves", areas of their exclusion from the mainstream society, different integration mechanisms and how their situation has changed during successive political regimes of the country.
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The Enforcement of Rights of Gamo People of Ethiopia gamo 3 7х20
Human rights are inalienable and inviolable fundamental entitlements. The right of self-determination is one of such rights. It is the individual and collective right of the people, and especially of the indigenous peoples. Integrating indigenous knowledge systems is one of the tools to enforce the rights of self-determination to also ensure self-determined development. Starting from this perspective, this book presents the findings of a research work, which the author carried out on the actual enforcement of rights of self-determination and integration of indigenous knowledge systems of Gamo People of Ethiopia in light of the international legal instruments, policies of organizations of UN System such as International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and fundamental local laws and policy documents of Ethiopia. One of the aims of this study is to raise awareness on the indigenous knowledge systems and legal documents recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples. The author hopes that this study can add value to the development initiatives of Ethiopia and contribute its part to researchers, academic communities, policy makers, development partners and Gamo people.
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Child Trafficking from Gamo Highland Areas to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia gamo 3 7х20
Human trafficking has become a global concern as the number of people involved in it has been increasing. It became the third largest source of income, following illegal firearms and drug trafficking. Children and women in the developing world stand more vulnerable and the trend has been significantly increasing in Ethiopia. Investigation of the situation of child trafficking from Gamo Highland areas to Addis Ababa,thus,looks relevant. The qualitative and quantitative data collected and the analysis discloses three categories of factors, precipitating child trafficking in the areas: pushing, pulling and intermediate. The process of relocating children is complex and clandestine,involving relatives of children like parents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, guardians/grandparents and less frequently, neighbours, brokers and friends;it happens either by force or consent, or directly or indirectly. It becomes seasonal and the routes of transportation remain invisible. Children become preys both on the transit and at destination. Therefore,a combined effort of professionals and practitioners is needed for comprehensive understanding of the issue.
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