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iTaSee SE650 18650 3.6V/3.7V Lithium-ion Battery Charger itasee se650 18650 3 6v 3 7v lithium ion battery charger
InputAC 110-240V 50/60Hz 300mA±50mA Output5W DC 4.2V 300mA±50mA Specification: this charger can charge 1pcs 18650 battery Particularly suitable for digital camera microphone wireless remote control electric toys instruments and other battery products Long cycle life high safety equipped with the reinstatement of the insurance function avoid the negative short pavement damage
435.9 RUR
iTaSee 2-Slot 18650 NiMH Lithium Battery Charger w/ 5V USB Output - Black (US Plug / 110~240) itasee se650 18650 3 6v 3 7v lithium ion battery charger
Technical parameters: Input: AC 110~240V 50/60Hz DC 12V; Output: DC 4.2V 500mA x 2 DC 1.48V 500mA x 2 DC 5V +/- 1% 1000mA x 2 Charging formula: Charge time = charging the battery capacity (mAh) x 1.5 (charging multiples) ÷ charging current (mA); Product Features: Car charger with DC 12V input; Intelligent LCD displays battery charge status; Chargers workmanship superior materials chip production process the choice of a large number of dedicated charging smart chip high-grade matte shell durable. Using digital circuit control chip the pulse charging of the battery. Multiple power system the battery charging easier. Standard charging the battery durable intelligent control make sure the battery and charger safety. Counter-charge protection battery reverse when the corresponding two indicator alarm (flashing) then when the battery slot no current; When the battery voltage is below 0.3V charger corresponding alarm (flashing); When the belt protection board lithium battery if protected. charger automatically activated. Unique constant current anti-overcharge protection automatically stop charging function. Particularly suitable for digital cameras camcorders radios PDA remote control electric toys wireless microphones and other battery products. Use Indicator Power on power indicator light while power indicator light turns off after the first. Press the battery charger indicator (+ pole) (- pole) in the right way into the charger along with the corresponding charge the battery level indicator flashes; After the completion of a full charge corresponding to the three power indicator light on the bad battery will automatically alarm; With 5V USB output supports working as mobile power source
1549 RUR