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My Experiences in the Third World War: Volume 1 my experiences in the third world war volume 1
The first part of a definitive collection of the best of Moorcock’s short fiction, this selection features some of his finest work, including the four linked Third World War stories. From The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius to The Cairene Purse, the stories here are incredibly varied in their style, execution and subject matter.
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The Third World Beyond the Cold War: Continuity and Change my experiences in the third world war volume 1
This book presents an overview of the changes brought about in Third World countries since the end of the Cold War. The themes chosen by the editors--economics, politics, security--are broadly interpreted so as to encompass the major areas of change among Third World countries. The regional case-studies--Asia-Pacific, Latin America, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East--were selected to bring out both the themes and the diversity of experience.
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World History of Design Volume 1 my experiences in the third world war volume 1
This is the first volume of the World History of Design, the definitive historical account of global design by pre-eminent design scholar Victor Margolin. The first volume explores the earliest cave art and human tools, including the key examples of the visual and material culture that were produced in all parts of the world from the first stages of human civilization, the Industrial Revolution and its aftermath, and finally World War I. This richly illustrated volume contains over 380 images, with 72 in full colour.
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The Cambridge History of Communism my experiences in the third world war volume 1
The first volume of The Cambridge History of Communism deals with the tumultuous events from 1917 to the Second World War, such as the Russian Revolution and Civil War, the revolutionary turmoil in post-World War I Europe, and the Spanish Civil War. Leading experts analyse the ideological roots of communism, historical personalities such as Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky and the development of the Communist movement on a world scale against this backdrop of conflict that defined the period. It addresses the making of Soviet institutions, economy, and society while also looking at mass violence and relations between the state, workers, and peasants. It introduces crucial communist experiences in Germany, China, and Central Asia. At the same time, it also explores international and transnational communist practices concerning key issues such as gender, subjectivity, generations, intellectuals, nationalism, and the cult of personality.
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Bid for World Power? my experiences in the third world war volume 1
This volume takes a fresh look at the outbreak of the First World War, fifty years after Fritz Fischer's controversial Germany's Aims in the First World War. It collects the latest research by prominent scholars, frequently based on new archival findings. The essays provide an excellent overview of the complex history of the outbreak of the war.
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The United Nations' Peacekeeping Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina my experiences in the third world war volume 1
This book deals about United Nations’ peacekeeping operations in the post cold – war era: A case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the UN Peacekeeping mission name UNPROFOR – United Nations Protection Force (February 1992 to December 1995), which was considered the biggest peacekeeping operations in Europe and the world at that time. The book also spoke about ethnic conflict, preventive diplomacy, humanitarian intervention, peacekeeping, peacemaking, and post - conflict peacebuilding in former Yugoslavia, the India’s important ally in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Europe. The author wrote in third world perspective on Balkanisation for which many third world countries have to be manage their ethnic identities in the post cold – war, post – ideological and globalised world.
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Collected Short Stories: Volume 3 my experiences in the third world war volume 1
This third volume of Maugham’s stories, introduced and selected by the author himself, contains the celebrated series about Ashenden, a secret service agent in WWI. Based on Maugham’s own experiences with the British Intelligence service in Switzerland, the stories are vignettes in which he dramatizes both the romance and absurdity of espionage as well as its ruthlessness and brutality.
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The Cambridge History of the Second World War my experiences in the third world war volume 1
The military events of the Second World War have been the subject of historical debate from 1945 to the present. It mattered greatly who won, and fighting was the essential determinant of victory or defeat. In Volume 1 of The Cambridge History of the Second World War a team of twenty-five leading historians offer a comprehensive and authoritative new account of the war's military and strategic history. Part I examines the military cultures and strategic objectives of the eight major powers involved. Part II surveys the course of the war in its key theatres across the world, and assesses why one side or the other prevailed there. Part III considers, in a comparative way, key aspects of military activity, including planning, intelligence, and organisation of troops and material, as well as guerrilla fighting and treatment of prisoners of war.
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