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Yesuf Hagos Abdela Poverty and Livelihood Strategeies of Househilds in Urban Ethiopia yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
This work addresses issues of poverty and livelihood strategies of households in urban Ethiopia. It examines incidence, depth and severity of poverty by focusing on income and household situations of households in Mekelle City, Tigray, Ethiopia. It also explores various strategies households employ to cope with poverty, mainly the role of social capital in its form of family relations, neighbour-hood reciprocity and community based self-help organizations. Current policies and strategies of the government, their implementation at local level and implications on the poor households to alleviate poverty are also highlighted. Policy makers and stakeholders who have interest in assisting poverty reduction efforts can be benefited from this work. Also, academicians and researchers who are interested in urban poverty issues may use the book as a reference for further studies.
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Regina Ogot and Francis Kerongo Effects of Urban Agricuture in enhancing poverty reduction yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
This hand book makes available information on the effects of urban agriculture in enhancing poverty reduction in Mombasa county Kenya.it provide valuable information on income generation, creation of employment, supply of food and supply of raw material as independent variables of poverty reduction. The book will be useful at all levels. Urban farming has for years served as a vital input in the livelihood strategies of urban households in developing countries . In general, urban dwellers rely on the market for food but with the tremendous surge in food prices beyond the reach of the majority of the population, the poor urbanites in Mombasa county Kenya have resorted to intensifying urban agriculture as a coping strategy to meet their immediate food requirements. This book discusses the contribution of urban agriculture to reducing food insecurity and reduction of urban poverty. Urban agriculture is a strategy that can be adapted by low income households in Mombasa county to meet their food, nutritional requirements and poverty reduction.
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John Msinde Pastoral livelihoods in Tanzania. yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
Rural-urban migration is becoming a common phenomenon in developing countries. This phenomenon invariably overstretch urban infrastructures. Urban influx is unlikely to cease despite of few employment opportunities available in cities. The main cause of these urban movements is rural poverty. The nature and patterns of these movement may slightly differ across different rural communities due to cultural variations. This book essentially give an in-depth analysis of migration pattern among Maasai in Tanzania, whose livelihood is based greatly on pastoralism. It tries to relate migration theories and the way in which Maasai as a marginalised group tries to utilize and respond to rural-urban dynamics. The central argument in this text is to situate migration as a possible survival or livelihood strategy among pastoral communities. The book has scholarly approach yet quite illuminating for all readers with interest in developmental issues in poor countries.
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Fana Hagos Berhane Recognizing And Promoting Women.s Right For Sexual Pleasure yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
The progressive understanding of poverty include not only economic and material conditions, but also a lack of power, freedom and resources to decide and shape one's own life. Social and legal norms and economic structures based around sexuality have a tangible impact on people's physical security, bodily integrity, health, education, mobility and economic status. The expressions for the interwoven relation of poverty and sexuality are many. Many people with 'deviant' sexuality are subject to economic discrimination, leading to marginalization that has effect of reducing their livelihood opportunities. In this Publication the links between women's sexual rights and poverty in the African context is explored . It illustrates how the lack of protection and recognition of women's sexual rights as understood in the African context can be the cause and consequences of poverty. The publication provides arguments as to how addressing sexual rights of women in poverty alleviation programmes can contribute to the realization of meaningful development for the African women and a way forward as to how the issue of Sexual Rights and poverty can be fostered.
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Metalign Ayehu Rural Poverty Situations and Determinants yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
This book is about a problem that matters 85 percent of the Ethiopian population that not only derive means of livelihood from subsistent agriculture but also account for 89.8 percent of the total poverty. It attempts to look at the rural poverty situation by setting both absolute and food poverty line and computing the poverty head count index (P0), poverty gap index (P1) and poverty severity index (P2). The other core area the book managed to cover is the underlying causes of rural poverty. It investigated the role of fifteen independent variables in terms of determining the probability of the units of analysis (households) to escape rural poverty. By and large, the book is beyond doubt important for researchers and development practitioners operating in the developing world in general and those of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in particular.
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James Jennings Understanding the Nature of Poverty in Urban America yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
Книга "Understanding the Nature of Poverty in Urban America".
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Lim Gee Nee, Hj Md Mansur Kasim, Munir Qaiser Sustainable Livelihoods Approach at Sabah, Malaysia yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
Sustainable livelihood approach is vital to analyze and eradicate poverty in the world and Sabah is one of the poorest states in Malaysia, the author have performed a research by using this method to evaluate poverty at that region and formulated several suggestions to improve and eliminate poverty. This project is a field based project that brought real hand on solution to target poverty, it also implies different aspects of poverty in other geographic locations.
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Addisu Birhanu Ejigu Livelihood yesuf hagos abdela poverty and livelihood strategeies of househilds in urban ethiopia
This book aims to investigate the livelihood and survival strategies of migrant street children in Bahir Dar Town in Ethiopia. It further looks at the causes of migration, and their social networks among themselves and their rural folks. It adopts structuration theory and livelihood framework approach to underpin the research problem. The book shows that rural children migrated due to various factors such as poverty, disagreement with their families, death of parents, in search of education and employment. It also depicts that migrant street children are engaged in diverse livelihood activities that require different types of assets. In their day to day survival scenario, street children informally maintained social networks among themselves characterized by hierarchies which are also important to strengthen capability of groups' members to reduce vulnerability and be more beneficial to livelihood outcomes. This book is momentous in availing knowledge for the academia, national, regional, and international organization working on street children.
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